About Strukton Immersion Projects

Strukton Immersion Projects B.V. is the specialist company of Strukton International for the floatation, transport and immersion of tunnel elements and caissons. The name Strukton Immersion Projects expresses our international field of work and ambition.

Our scope of work comprises of the following activities: the design basis for the floatation, transport and immersion; a detailed temporary works design, engineering and preparations; the management and performance of the floatation, transport and immersion operations.

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Failure is not an option

One of the most high-risk moments in tunnel construction is when the tunnel elements are immersed. Failure is not an option, as the potential (economic) damage in the event of a delay is too great. Naturally, a specialist is selected who has proven capabilities in difficult immersion projects. Immersion Projects is one of the world's top players in this market.

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Project: Immersion storm-surge barrier Venice

Strukton Immersion Projects collaborated on the construction of the Chioggia Flood Barrier, which is part of the MOSE Project, a storm-surge barrier being built in Italy to enable the Venetian Lagoon to be sealed off from the Adriatic Sea. The storm-surge barrier is being built at the three inlets to the lagoon: at Lido, Malamocco and Chioggia. The storm-surge barrier is made up of a system of caissons containing movable flood gates. The system will only be closed in case of extreme high water, similar to the Maeslant Barrier in the Netherlands.

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