About us

Strukton Immersion Projects bv is the specialist company of Strukton International for the floatation, transport and immersion of tunnel elements and caissons. The scope of work of Strukton Immersion Projects bv includes the engineering, preparation and execution of the immersed tunneling processes including the required marine works. We have more than 30 years of experience in the immersed tunnelling business and one of the most prominent projects (even one of the most prominent in the world) is the immersion of 18 tunnel elements in the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link Project in South Korea.

Our ambition 

First of all, we want to earn a market-leading position, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Although we are already a major player, we understand that staying at the top is at least as difficult as getting there. This is why we consider acquiring knowledge and expanding our knowledge domain of the utmost importance.

We also hold qualified professionals in high esteem. After all, the work we perform is costly and not without risk. Our team comprises of a mixture of experienced and young specialists. Enthusiastic, driven and highly qualified professionals. In part thanks to their involvement and inventiveness, we are able to continuously improve and innovate the various facets of the immersion process. 

Sister companies 

We can rely on the our sister company OTN b.v. within Strukton Civiel, for the specialised underwater and diving works including all specialised diving equipment. Our other sister company GEOCON b.v. is specialised in immersed tunnel with several different survey systems and expertise perform the complete immersion survey and system integration for high accuracy and contingency.

At the start of an immersed tunnel project, we recommend early involvement and co-ordination between the construction design and the immersion design as this can be very economical in the long run. 


The design and engineering of temporary and permanent structures, and the drawing up of plans, time schedules and scenarios with respect to the immersion processes are carried out by our immersion specialists. Risk analysis of the immersion operation is an important part of the preparation and engineering for floating transport and immersion.

Where necessary, model tests are carried out to determine, for example, the forces experienced by the tunnel section structure as a result of wave action during transport and immersion.

Our specialists also make any necessary recommendations with respect to developing alternative solutions.

The complete immersion operation (OTAO®) is carried out by our highly-skilled personnel. We aspire versatility, inventiveness and effectiveness. Together, resulting in quality.

OTAO® a registered trademark of the Strukton Group NV since 1995 is the Dutch abbreviation for Floatation, Transport, Immersion and Sand flow.

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