Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Strukton Immersion Projects gives a high priority to integrity, safety, quality and environment, confirmed in respectively Strukton Code of Conduct, OHSAS-, VCA-/SCC** and ISO certificates. Strukton Immersion Projects works with a process based approach, with a large focus on risk management. We stimulate entrepreneurship and offer our employees a stable and challenging work environment through good guidance, training and development opportunities.

Strukton Immersion Projects wants to realise an optimum result together with the client and distinguishes itself by:

  • Solutions that are best for the project;
  • An innovative approach of cooperation, construction methods and techniques;
  • A process-oriented approach towards projects, products and services;
  • Commitment, dedication, knowledge, flexibility and motivation of its personnel.

Health and Safety 

Our work comes with safety- and health risks. For ourselves and for our surroundings. Some of the tasks we execute, could even be life threatening. Therefore, safety and health are our number one priorities within Strukton. Safety and health come before anything else. Everyone safe and sound, at home and away… 24/7…24Safe!

Maintaining and optimising our safety culture, supported by competent safety management, pertains to every stage of the construction process: from the tender phase through to operational management and maintenance. This is not without cause. After all, care for the environment and safety are part of our social responsibility, and that of our clients. Experience has also shown that a positive safety culture increases yield.

Stukton Immersion Projects is awarded with the following safety certificates:

OHSAS 18001 (pdf, 101 kB) 

VCA/SCC (pdf, 100 kB) 

The employees responsible for diving activities have completed the compulsory national and international basic training and satisfied training and certification requirements. They have also received additional specialised training within the company.

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Quality and Environment 

 Next to safety we place top priority on integrity, quality, working conditions and the environment. Management information is collected and analysed with respect to quality, working conditions and the environment using state-of-the-art techniques in every phase of the construction process. In doing so, we continually strive to improve our operations, ultimately increasing the yield.

Stukton Immersion Projects is awarded with the ISO14001 Environmental certificate and ISO 9001 quality management certificate.

ISO14001 Environmental certificate (pdf, 99 kB) 

ISO 9001 quality management certificate (pdf, 99 kB) 

Strukton Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct Honest Business Practice applies to everyone working for or with Strukton. As an international and social responsible company, Strukton stands for transparancy and honest business practice. This Code of Conduct helps us to better determine what is honest and justified in our work, in addition to existing local laws. 

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