Innovations - Strukton Immersion Projects


  • Innovations and optimizations

    Although immersion of tunnels is a relatively traditional technique, each project is unique and requires a specific solution under specific circumstances. Therefore traditional or unique projects, innovations and optimizations are essential for the success of a project.

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  • Re-usable modular steel bulkheads

    Tunnel elements equipped with temporary re-usable modular steel bulkheads.

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  • External positioning system (EPS)

    For immersion of the tunnel elements of the Busan-Geoje fixed Link Project in Korea, Strukton Immersion Projects developed an external positioning system which allows elements to ‘step’ over the seabed towards their final position.

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  • Self propelled diving bell

    For the Busan Geoje Fixed Link Tunnel Project an Self Propelled Diving Bell (SPDB) is deployed called ‘Aurora’. The SPDB is a state of art fitted and completely revised submarine with all required navigational equipment on board and can be utilized to depths up to 300m! The SPDB is not only deployed for inspections but for under water activities as well.

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  • Unconventional suspensions/supports of metro station Amsterdam Central

    The main reason we designed these supports was because of the floor construction underneath the metro station element. By using conventional methods, the pressures occurring in this phase could damage the underwater concrete floor underneath the element.

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