Self propelled diving bell

All required diving work and checks during all Immersion Projects operations are done by OTN (a Strukton company). For the Busan Geoje Fixed Link Tunnel Project OTN deployed their Self Propelled Diving Bell (SPDB) called ‘Aurora’. The SPDB is a state of art fitted and completely revised submarine with an 180dgr dome window and all required navigational equipment on board and can be utilized to depths up to 300m! The SPDB is not only deployed for inspections but for under water activities as well.

SPDB -  Self Propelled Diving Bell
SPDB -  Self Propelled Diving Bell

Together with the pilot and co-pilot divers can travel in the SPDB and use it as a diving bell or by interlocking the SPDB to an immersed tunnel element workers can access the tunnel. The manipulators on the SPDB are also used for cutting steel wires (up to 54mm) and locking of nuts.

With the use of this SPDB and the unique Geocon survey system for immersed tunnels, elements can be immersed without an access shaft and survey tower!

The use of the SPDB for an immersion project was a first in the Busan project, not only for Strukton Immersion Projects - but for the complete branch as well.