Major South Korean project for Strukton Afzinktechnieken

09 May 2007

Strukton Afzinktechnieken signed a contract early in May in Busan, South Korea, for the immersion of the first-ever immersed tunnel in the country.

Busan Geoje Fixed Link artist impression 

“The project forms part of the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link that provides a solution for the mobility demands of the densely populated South Korea,” said Martijn Smitt, Managing Director of Strukton Betonbouw.

The Busan-Geoje Fixed Link connects the second capital city of South Korea with the Geoje peninsula using two cable bridges (with respective spans of 475 and 2 x 230 metres) and a 3.2-kilometre-long immersed tunnel.
The overall project represents an investment value of some EUR 1.5 billion. The project involves a sum of EUR 70 million for the immersion operations to be carried out on the instructions of Daewoo Engineering & Construction, which forms part of the PPP Consortium for the project, GK Fixed Link Corporation.

Over the next three-year period the Strukton Afzinktechnieken team will install a total of 18 tunnel sections of a length of 180 metres each. The deepest sections will be located around 60 metres below sea level. “This is exceptionally deep, even for an immersed tunnel,” explained Ton Bruins Slot, Senior Project Manager of Strukton Afzinktechnieken. “For this reason, special innovative techniques will be applied.” Bruins Slot: “Our open approach, specialist knowledge, level-headedness and ample patience finally convinced the customer of the merits of our plan.” “We like the Dutch approach,” said Mr Yang, General Manager of Daewoo E&C.

The project ties in well with existing projects, including immersed tunnels in the North/South Metro Line, the Limerick immersed tunnel in Ireland and the more recent immersed tunnel in the A73 motorway near Roermond, in relation to the positioning of Strukton Afzinktechnieken that operates under the name Mergor. Strukton Afzinktechnieken and Mergor form part of Strukton Betonbouw BV. This project marks the further realisation of the strategy of chain extension and expansion pursued by Strukton Betonbouw.