Strukton wants safest building sites

21 November 2007

With the start of the internal Zero Accidents safety campaign, Strukton wants to introduce the safest building sites in the Netherlands. The spearhead of the campaign is the structural evaluation of building sites based on a safety check by the company's own employees. The campaign ensures that safety becomes a standard feature of working procedures and that there are fewer accidents as a result.

Safety expert Geert van der Linde, head of Quality, Health & Safety and Environment at Strukton: “We are now in the pilot phase and are measuring three projects – a multi-storey parking garage, a bridge and a water purification plant – to determine the extent to which they comply with the specially developed Strukton standard. Up until a few years ago, improved regulations and technology in particular led to safer building sites. It is now time to go onto the building sites themselves because accidents have a negative impact on staff and can lead to a disruption of the construction process.”

Absence due to accidents shows a decreasing trend within Strukton. The average period of absence as a result of an accident has fallen from 28 to 20 days. During the past two years, the number of accidents has stagnated at approximately 100 per year, from a total of 5,500 staff. In order to improve safety even further, Strukton is now focusing on the mentality of the people. This is why the measurements for evaluating the safety of building sites are performed by the project team members themselves.

The measuring instrument consists of 12 aspects, including accessibility of the building site, storage of materials and waste treatment. Project managers, project planners and supervisors each evaluate the building site from their own perspective and then discuss their evaluation.