A.M. Schreuders Award honourable mention

02 April 2010

During the ‘Dag van het Ondergronds Bouwen’ (Day for Underground Building) on 31 March 2010, Strukton received an honourable mention as one of the five nominees for the A.M. Schreuders Award 2009. This honourable mention is for work done on the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link in South Korea

The Busan-Geoje Fixed Link project is one of the biggest infrastructural projects in the history of South Korea. It connects the city of Busan with Geoje Island via an 8.2-kilometre-long motorway link. Busan is an important port city and one of the world’s busiest container storage ports. The current travel time from Busan to Geoje is about 3 hours by car; the new four-lane road will shorten that to about 40 minutes. The link comprises a 3.2 kilometre tunnel and two bridges with a combined length of 4.5 kilometres. The tunnel is the first immersion tunnel in Korea. Strukton is responsible for the most exciting part of construction: the immersion of the tunnel to a depth of 52.2 metres. Working at this exceptional depth is a difficult feat. It is being performed by Strukton Afzinktechnieken, which operates abroad under the name Mergor.

The A.M. Schreuders foundation created the biennial A.M. Schreuders Award (Schreudersprijs) to draw attention in the Netherlands to the benefits of building underground. The award is named after A.M. Schreuders, who wishes to use this award to stimulate the Dutch construction industry to innovatively use space below ground level. The actual performance of this type of construction requires specialist know-how, preferably Dutch know-how.

The submissions were evaluated by the independent jury led by Prof Johan W. Bosch, who stated: ‘Strukton Civiel has brought immersion technology a giant step further for the benefit of this project, making this innovative project an excellent example of the export of Dutch know-how and a stimulus for underground building.’

The last element will be immersed in May 2010 after which principal contractor Daewoo Engineering can complete the tunnel.