Strukton in Megastructures on National Geographic Channel

06 September 2011

On Sunday 25 September at 9:00 PM ‘Korean Superlink’ will have its worldwide premiere on the National Geographic programme Megastructures; a unique event for National Geographic Netherlands, Strukton Civiel and UMA.i productions. For the first time in history a broadcast of Megastructures is dedicated to a civil engineering project carried out abroad by a Dutch construction company. Strukton Civiel is proud to be that Dutch civil engineering construction company.


A special experience

For the Strukton team, the immersion of the tunnel elements for the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link was in many ways a special experience. The team was confronted with doing the immersion while operating on open seas, in a very short time and under extreme conditions.  Working under extreme and often restrictive conditions yielded a series of important innovations. This pushed the immersion technique to a new level. A prime example of Dutch craftsmanship.

Fickle weather and Star Wars

National Geographic Channel International on Megastructures ‘Korean Superlink’: ‘A nation that never constructed an immersed highway tackles the challenge of building the deepest one on Earth. Everything about the project is super-sized. Each of the tunnel’s mammoth segments is as long as two football fields and as heavy as an aircraft carrier. Yet all the segments must align within 35 millimetres -- less than a thumb’s width. To compound the challenge, all work has to be timed around the fickle weather of the Pacific. And the tunnel itself must be able to withstand earthquakes and typhoons. Engineers will have to invent a raft of ingenious solutions – including a robot-like crane straight out of Star Wars.’

In 2010 Strukton won the Professor J.F. Agema Prize for this project, the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link, and in 2009 also received an honourable mention in the Schreuder prize.