Amsterdam-Noord and Amsterdam-Zuid nearly connected

11 October 2012

Today, building consortium Heijmans/Strukton lowered the third and final tunnel element to the bottom of the river IJ in Amsterdam. This is an historic moment: the northern and southern districts of the city are now connected, save for a gap of 1.5 metres.


The immersion tunnel in the river IJ is part of the Noord/Zuidlijn metro line.

In the last couple of weeks, the first two tunnel elements, Wendy and Nienke, were immersed in the IJ. Today's tunnel element is the middle piece. Where the first two sections were more or less straight, this one has a bend in the middle, where the crossing reaches its deepest point. The dimensions are impressive.

The element:

  • weighs 12,000,000 kg
  • is 140 metres long
  • is 12 metres wide
  • is 8 metres high

Closing joint

At the moment there is still an opening measuring approximately 1.5 metres. This so-called closing joint will be sealed in the coming weeks. This is specialised work done by divers under water. Soon, however, it will be possible to walk through a dry tunnel from Sixhaven to De Ruijterkade.

It's a good tradition to name the tunnel sections after women. Today, Humberto Tan, BNR News Radio presenter, had the honour of choosing the feminine name for the third element. He named the tunnel element after his mother, Hilly.

More information

Watch the time-lapse of the immersion of tunnel element Hilly:


Photo: @NoordZuidlijn (Municipality of Amsterdam, Dienst Metro)
Video: Gé Dubbelman (Municipality of Amsterdam, Dienst Metro)