Strukton Afzinktechnieken 'Mergor' now to be known as Strukton Immersion Projects

03 September 2012

The name of Strukton Afzinktechnieken ‘Mergor’ is changing on 3 September to become Strukton Immersion Projects, a new name that reflects the international scope of its activities and the company's ambitions. Strukton Immersion Projects BV is a specialist in floating, transporting, immersing and embedding immersible tunnel elements and caissons.

The focus of Strukton Immersion Projects within this field covers the whole process, from engineering and preparation to execution.

Strukton has over 30 years of experience in this specialist field, experience that it has been able to apply in a number of projects throughout the world over recent years. Strukton recently delivered a 3.2-kilometre tunnel consisting of eighteen 50,000-ton elements for the Busan Geoje Fixed Link in South Korea, which was the subject of a report that was broadcast in Megastructures on the National Geographic Channel.

In 2008, Strukton worked on the Limerick Southern Ring Road Project in Ireland. Activities closer to home have also seen Strukton involved in complex water-related infrastructural work: the immersible element under Amsterdam Central station, part of the North-South Line, was recently immersed, and the tunnel elements under the River IJ will be immersed from the end of September this year.