Strukton at International Tunnel Congress WTC 2012 in Bangkok

09 May 2012

Strukton is taking part in the international tunnelling trade fair World Tunnel Congress 2012 in Bangkok from 18 to 23 May 2012 (stand numbers H4 and H5).

As a member of Working Group 11 (Immersed and Floating Tunnels) of the International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA), Strukton took the initiative to develop a stand for this trade fair promoting tunnel immersion. In addition to Strukton, the following members of Working Group 11 will be represented at this stand: Rambol, COWI, TEC and Volker Construction International.

Recent immersion: tunnel in South Korea

Strukton recently completed the successful immersion of the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link in South-Korea. A 3.2 kilometre long tunnel was immersed over a period of three years. Eighteen tunnel elements, each with a length of 180 metres, were carefully positioned down to the last millimetre, about 60 metres below sea level. Indeed, Strukton is the world leader in the field of immersed tunnels.

Scheduled: immersion of tunnel elements in Amsterdam

The immersion of tunnel elements in the River IJ in Amsterdam is scheduled to start on 25 September 2012. These elements are part of the North/South Line. The IJ tunnel is 430 metres long and consists of three immersion elements. Each element is 141 x 13 x 7.5m. They will be transported from the West Harbour to central Amsterdam via the North Sea Canal and the River IJ. An unusual feature of this project is its location, right in the heart of Amsterdam. Particular consideration will be given during the transportation to commercial shipping, such as shipping companies and freight transport, to ensure they experience as few hold-ups as possible.

More information

More information about Strukton and tunnel immersion can be found at the website of Strukton Afzinktechnieken.