A73 Motorway - Roermond

The Besix-Strukton partnership has built the second longest tunnel in the Netherlands – plus a tunnel that is perfectly integrated with nature.

Combination Besix - Strukton
The Netherlands
A73 - construction dock
A73 - transport TE2
A73 - immsersion TE2
A73 - immersion TE3
A73 - foto 2


Roermond and Ambt Montfort now have the second largest tunnel in the Netherlands. The tunnel has a length of 2.4 kilometres and consists partly of immersed elements that were produced in a construction dock and transported to the immersion location.

Despite their considerable weight of 28,000 tonnes each, these units floated when the dock was filled with with water. Individual units are 150 metres long, 8 metres high and 27 metres wide. The dock and the immersion site were linked by a temporarily excavated 600-metre sheet pile canal. The contract for the specialised immersion activities was awarded to Strukton Immersion Projects.