Limerick tunnel

Strukton Immersion Projects immersed five tunnel units in Limerick, Ireland for DirectRoute. The units measure approximately 100 x 25 x 8.5 metres. The tunnel has a length of 675 metres and consists of two tunnel tubes, both equipped with emergency escape routes. Construction of the units commenced in 2007, while the immersion activities are performed in September and October 2008.

Van Oord ACZ
LIM - aerial finished tunnel
LIM - dock overview jun '08
LIM - dock inundated aug 08
LIM - Warping TE4
LIM - Immersion TE1
LIM - Immersion TE3
LIM - entrance finished


The five tunnel units are placed in the River Shannon, near Limerick in South-West Ireland. The tunnel, which connects Coonagh and Bunlicky, is approximately 900 metres.

The immersion tunnel is part of the ‘Limerick Southern Ring Road Phase II’ project. Ring Road Phase II is the final stage in the construction of a ring road around Limerick City. This ring road will divert a significant amount of traffic away from the city centre.