North/South Line - IJ

Only limited river closure of only 24 hrs was allowed due to the heavy shipping traffic on the IJ. The North/South Metroline in Amsterdam, will connect the northern and southern parts of the city, when finished in 2017.

Combination Strukton - Heijmans
The Netherlands
NZL - transport3
NZL - transport1
IJ - transport
IJ - TE's moored for 5 years before immersion
IJ - immersion TE3 a float
IJ - Immersion TE2


This connection is created with an immersed tunnel, the tunnel consists of 3 tunnel elements: Dimensions of IJ-elements: Length – 141 meters Height – 7.5 meters Width – 13 meters

The IJ-elements and the CS-element (Metro station CS –project) are already built on the other side of the riverbank, in a cut-and-cover construction site. After construction the elements were transported to a temporary mooring location and will be parked for more than three years. During this years the elements are frequently inspected on leakage and alike.

During the time the tunnel elements are parked at the mooring location, the cut-and-cover constructions on both ends of the tunnel alignment are constructed. A trench is dredged in the river bed.  When this is done Strukton Immersion Projects will transport the IJ-elements to there immersion location in the IJ. The immersion starts at the South side (the Ruijterkade), with an immersion joint between the Ruijterkade and IJ-1. The second element, IJ-2 is immersed behind IJ-1 and connected by immersion joint. As third and last element IJ-3 is immersed and connected with the North side (Sixhaven). The last connection between IJ-2 and IJ-3 will be realised with a closure joint